butterfly girl • mixed media
promo postcard
girl & gun • mixed media
promo postcard
derby girl • mixed media
roller derby flier
teddy bear • colored pencil
toy war in the stars • mixed media
promo postcard
i hate grocery stores • mixed media
polka dots • mixed media collage
"pretty dirty" art show promo
flowers • mixed media collage
hmmm • mixed media collage
happy couple • mixed media
hobo • mixed media
mortician • colored pencil
greasy guy • colored pencil/ink
character for "ssss"
college kid • colored pencil/ink
character for "ssss"
aunt & uncle • colored pencil/ink
characters for "ssss"
josh & leena k-i-s-s-i-n-g • ink/pencil
wedding reception/invite for my good friend josh and his lovely bride leena
forest falling notes • digital
refined storyboard
the familiar • colored pencil/digital
promo sticker for mark z. danielewski's new book project "the familiar"

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